Number of Pakistani in France 104,000 (1.04 lakh).


GDP:2.958 trillion USD

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    About France:


    France is renowned for its artistic heritage and serves as a global center for art, fashion, and literature. Pakistani citizens can immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene, visiting iconic museums, exploring historical landmarks, and indulging in the country’s culinary delights. The French way of life embraces a balance between work and leisure, encouraging individuals to appreciate the finer things in life.

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    France Visa Type

    Visa typePurpose
    Skilled Worker VisaSkilled Workers with a job offer in France
    Temporary Worker VisaTemporary work, work experience and research in France for less than 12 months
    Youth Mobility Visa2 year work permit for young people aged 18-20 from participating territories
    Paid Permitted Engagement visaShort-term entry clearance for individuals invited to France as experts in their field
    Sportsperson VisaWork permit for elite sportspersons or qualified coaches

    France, a captivating country located in Western Europe, offers a multitude of advantages for Pakistani citizens aspiring to settle in a vibrant and culturally rich environment. With its picturesque landscapes, world-renowned art and cuisine, and diverse opportunities, France beckons individuals seeking a life filled with beauty, opportunities, and a rich cultural tapestry.


    Why Move to France:

    • Rich cultural heritage, art, and architecture
    • High standard of living and quality healthcare system
    • Excellent education system with prestigious universities and institutions
    • Culinary delights and world-famous French cuisine
    • Beautiful landscapes, including the French Riviera, vineyards, and the Alps
    • Strong economy with a range of job opportunities
    • Well-connected transportation network within France and Europe
    • Thriving arts and entertainment scene

    Some of the Common Visa Streams:

    • Long-Stay Work Visa: For individuals with a job offer or intending to work in France.
    • Family Reunification: For family members of French citizens or residents.
    • Student Visa: For international students pursuing higher education in France.
    • Entrepreneur Visa: For individuals interested in starting a business or investing in France.
    • Talent Passport: For highly skilled professionals in specific fields.

    Skill Shortages:

    France has a demand for skilled professionals in various sectors, including:

    • Information Technology and Digital Technologies
    • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.)
    • Healthcare and Medical Sciences
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Research and Development
    • Energy and Environmental Technologies

    Advantages of France Visas:

    • Access to a strong job market and employment opportunities.
    • High standard of living and quality social services.
    • Cultural diversity and rich artistic and intellectual heritage.
    • World-class education system and research opportunities.
    • Renowned cuisine, fashion, and lifestyle.
    • Excellent transportation infrastructure and connectivity.
    • Opportunities for personal and professional growth.
    • Access to the European Union and Schengen Area.

    How can Adventure Gateways help?

    The French healthcare system is recognized for its comprehensive coverage and high standards of care. Pakistani residents can benefit from accessible medical services, ensuring their well-being and peace of mind. Additionally, the country’s social welfare programs prioritize the needs of citizens, providing support and security during various life stages.

    From a Pakistani citizen’s perspective, France promises a fulfilling and enriching life, embracing a blend of cultural heritage, career prospects, quality education, excellent healthcare, and captivating surroundings. The country’s vibrant atmosphere, gastronomic delights, and rich history create an inviting environment for those seeking to embark on a new journey and establish themselves in a country renowned for its art de vivre.


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    Frequently Asked

    While knowing French is highly beneficial for job prospects and daily life in France, there are opportunities available for English speakers, particularly in international companies and sectors such as IT and research. However, learning French can significantly enhance your employment opportunities and integration into the local community.

    Yes, France offers family reunification options for spouses and dependent children of individuals working or residing in the country. Specific requirements and procedures apply, and it is recommended to consult with the French diplomatic mission or an immigration expert for detailed information.

    France has a renowned healthcare system that provides comprehensive medical services to its residents. As an expatriate, you can benefit from the public healthcare system, which offers universal coverage. It is essential to have health insurance to access healthcare services in France.

    o Yes, France is a popular destination for international students due to its prestigious universities, high-quality education system, and diverse academic programs. International students can apply for student visas and enroll in universities and institutions across various fields of study.

    France provides opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors through its Entrepreneur Visa program. This allows individuals to establish a business or invest in existing ventures. The French government offers support, resources, and incentives to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth.

    France provides opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors through its Entrepreneur Visa program. This allows individuals to establish a business or invest in existing ventures. The French government offers support, resources, and incentives to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth.

    Depending on your situation, it may be possible to extend your stay in France after completing your studies or work contract. France offers various options for post-study work and residence permits for skilled professionals. It is advisable to consult with immigration authorities or seek professional advice for specific eligibility and requirement

    French is the official language of France, and having proficiency in French is beneficial for daily life, integration, and employment opportunities. Depending on the visa category, language requirements may vary. Some visas, such as the Talent Passport, may require a certain level of proficiency in French or English, depending on the specific occupation or sector.

    Yes, it is possible to bring your pet to France. However, specific regulations and requirements apply, including pet vaccinations, microchipping, and health certificates. It is important to research and comply with the current regulations to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

    Yes, France has a strong research and innovation ecosystem with renowned universities, research institutions, and funding programs. Researchers and innovators can explore opportunities in various fields, including science, technology, engineering, and social sciences.